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In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell describes the “10,000-Hour Rule”; it takes a total of around 10,000 hours to become an expert in any field. I’ve spent well over three times that working with Acrobat and PDF. I can help you unlock Acrobat’s full potential.

In my 16 years at Adobe, I held a variety of roles including, Technical Evangelist, Business Development Manager, Product Manager, and Systems Engineer. Now, I specialize in developing best practices and automation tools to ensure consistent, accurate, and secure creation of your PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat. After working directly with thousands of Adobe customers, I bring over 30,000 hours of experience to your next project. If your business runs on PDF, we should talk.

Areas of Expertise:

I can show you how to leverage your investment in Acrobat to streamline document review cycles. Whether you need an ad hoc or highly structured review process or just a few custom stamps, I have the experience and expertise to get you started with online, collaborative, document review, and markup.

JavaScript and Dynamic PDF:
Whether you need some JavaScript to guide a user through filling out a form properly or want to integrate video, sound, Flash or 3D into your PDF files, I can help you create a great user experience and avoid common pitfalls. I can help you create the kinds of documents that get you noticed and work well both on or off-line; see how my work helped Adobe win the 2010 Effie Award for Media Innovation.

PDF Portfolio Development:
If you’re looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd, I can create custom PDF Portfolio layouts or themes incorporating your corporate identity and branding. Visit my PDF Portfolio Layouts, Themes and Tools page to see examples of what I’ve put together. You can also see my work in Adobe’s “World’s Smartest Project Manager” campaign in Molly’s “Wigfolio”.

Deployment and Maintenance:
Even with all of the improvements Adobe has made to the Acrobat and Reader installers, deploying these products across the enterprise is still not a trivial task. I can help you navigate the murky waters around the Customization Wizard, patches, updates, and settings migration. I can also assist in creating best practices around different versions of Reader and Acrobat being installed on the same machine.

Consulting Rates:

My favorite projects let me innovate and really push the limits of Acrobat; often times there’s a lot of experimentation and research involved. Unfortunately, this makes it rather difficult to give pricing guidelines because every project is different. My consulting rate starts at $225 per hour but I can be flexible for large projects or simple production work.

If I know that I know how to complete your project, I can easily provide an estimate. If your project more involved, I’d suggest a 10 hour engagement to do a feasibility study. Email or call me with your project details and we can get started.

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