Congratulations to 3DA Systems

It seems that 3D PDF is alive and well and living in Canada.

One of my customers, 3DA Systems, just won the Innovative Excellence award at the 2013 VIATeC Technology Awards. The Innovative Excellence award “recognizes a company that has researched and designed an innovative service, process or product that is expected to revolutionize a sector, method of business or way of life.” The trophy is huge.


The product that I’ve been working on,3D PDF Converter for Revit®, is a plugin to Revit® and lets users publish rich, interactive, 3D PDF files in PRC that can be 97% smaller than the original Revit® 3D models and viewed using the free Adobe Reader.

I’ve been doing work for them for the last few months building interactive 3D PDF templates using a combination of JavaScript for Acrobat and JavaScript for Acrobat 3D Annotations with a sprinkling of Flash. What’s really cool about their product is that they push a lot of metadata into each node of the 3D model so that I have a huge amount of information at my disposal to develop really cool templates. With their tools I’m basically able to turn a 3D PDF file into an interactive visual database where the PDF changes based on which part is selected.

My templates are shipping with their current released product but I’m also working on some far more advanced templates and will be publishing examples of those in the next few weeks. The best part is, these new templates will also work with their current product. I’m just being more clever with my use of all that metadata.

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