Book Review: All About PDF Stamps In Acrobat ® & Paperless Workflows

If you don’t count audio books, I don’t read a lot of books. I certainly don’t read them for technical information; I search Google (not Bing… sorry Microsoft). All About PDF Stamps In Acrobat ® & Paperless Workflows has been sitting on my shelf for months but recently, I finally had the chance to sit down with it. I shouldn’t have waited so long. This book could have saved me hours of work. My review follows.

Short Version:

Buy it. Buy it now. Click here and buy it! Got a Kindle? No problem, Thom’s got you covered. Click here for the Kindle version.

Long Version:

All About PDF Stamps In Acrobat® & Paperless WorkflowsIf you’ve been using PDF Stamps in Acrobat, you should buy this book. If you haven’t been using PDF Stamps and you have Acrobat, you need to buy this book. On the surface, PDF Stamps are just like the goofy rubber stamps that you use with paper and an ink pad; these days it’s mostly just kids using them in scrap-books. This book helps reveal the power behind PDF Stamps; much of it not even fully implemented in the default install of Acrobat.

So, if you’ve been using stamps effectively, why buy this book? Well, you can push your workflows farther; Thom Parker has been working with real-world customer’s stamp workflows for as long as I’ve known him and I assure you, he’s seen it all. However you’re using PDF Stamps, the information in this book will help you. This book will help you be even more efficient but more importantly, it will help you understand what the true possibilities are. The first two sections are for users, the third part is far more technical but it’s worth reading. You can always hire a consultant (like Thom or myself) to implement the really cool stuff in that last section.

If you haven’t been using PDF Stamps and you have Acrobat, why do you need to buy this book? It’s simple really; Acrobat isn’t cheap. It’s the premium choice of PDF viewers and you really should be getting your money’s worth. This book will make you look at Acrobat and Reader completely differently. It’ll give you ideas for things you can do with your Acrobat investment that you never thought possible.

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