Product Review: Incipio iPad 2 Smart feather

iPad 2 Smart feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case

iPad 2 Smart feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case

I recently started clearing off my desk, going through old mail, trashing print-outs of expired Groupons and scanning in business cards of people that I know I’m never, ever, going to contact – yet I scan them in anyway. I have to do this only periodically because the monitor I use is just slightly smaller than a sliding glass door and it hides a lot of crap that I can pile up behind it. I mention this only because in the pile of tech detritus I found three of the four cases that I bought shortly after buying my iPad 2. So – solely to avoid finishing this daunting task, I decided to write a review of the one case that I’ve settled on and have been using while the others get covered up by DMV vehicle registration notices and unopened bank statements – I swear I signed up for electronic statements – why are they still sending these?

I love, love, LOVE the Incipio iPad 2 Smart feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case. This thing pops on and off in about a second, adds just 2 ounces to the weight of the iPad, works with the Apple Smart Cover and feels great to the touch.

In the plus column…

As I mentioned, it pops on and off easily and quickly. The Smart feather has to be used in conjunction with the Apple Smart Cover and you can get it in coordinating or contrasting colors. While there are cut-outs for all the ports and the camera and I found that you can jam it into the iPad 2 dock, it doesn’t reliably connect so popping it on and off quickly is essential. The case also feels very durable so you really can just pull it off the iPad without worrying about tearing the thing.

The case is very, very thin so you don’t need fingernails, which I don’t have, to use the iPad’s volume or sound controls. I also mentioned that it feels great to the touch. It does. The case is described as a “hard” and it is… but it doesn’t feel like it when it’s attached to the iPad, it actually feels… well… sensual… I’ll stop there.

SmartFeather with Apple Smart Cover

SmartFeather with Apple Smart Cover

Finally, as I said, the case was designed to require the use of the Apple Smart Cover. It actually clamps the Smart Cover into place so it can’t fall off. I can’t exactly figure out why I think this is so cool but it is a feature I really appreciate.

In the minus column…

I’d really like to see Incipio offer a dock that can accomodate the case… in black please.

The other cases:

The only other case I’m going to keep around is the Marware EcoFlip. I’ll shove the iPad into this thing if the iPad is the only thing I’ll be carrying. It offers great protection but it’s really difficult to get the iPad into… and it’s bulky. The one, and only one, cool feature of this case is the hand strap that makes it really easy to hold if you’re trying to show someone else a presentation on your iPad… which I do as frequently as I… Ok – I never do that – it’s stupid. I’d feel like I was 5 and showing my mommy what I did on my Etch A Sketch.

The other 2 cases are not even worth mentioning. I tore the one trying to remove it from my iPad and the other just felt icky on my hands.

If you’ve got an iPad 2 and you’re not happy with your current case, get an Incipio iPad 2 Smart feather. You won’t regret it.

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