Introducing the Facebook Button for Acrobat

As I mentioned in my previous post, Introducing the Twitter Button for Acrobat, my plan is to create more social media tools for PDF files; next on the list… Facebook.

The Facebook Button for Acrobat is a simple button that you can copy from the Facebook Button for Acrobat documentation and paste into any other PDF file that has not been secured to prevent modifications. Some simple JavaScript in the button will open a new browser window to a Facebook Feed Dialog similar to the image below that contains the document title, subject, and a description. Users will have the opportunity to add their own message before sharing.

Check out this sample file… which is also the documentation.

Sample Facebook Feed Dialog

Sample Facebook Feed Dialog


  • The button will only post a status update if the document is being viewed in a browser.
  • Add a custom metadata field to your PDF file called “Description” to have your document description show.
  • If you do not enter a Title, the filename will be used instead… so enter a Title!

Download the Facebook Button for Acrobat document to get the buttons and instructions for use.

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