“I need to run Acrobat on a server”

During my time at Adobe, I heard this question several times a week if not every day. The short answer is… You can’t; Acrobat is desktop software. Even if you do make it work (and I’ve seen more than a few IT folks manage to) doing so is a violation of the license agreement. However, […]

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Two Days of PDF Days

Just a reminder about the PDF Days on the East coast. Matt Kuznicki, Chief Technical Officer at Datalogics, will be speaking at both PDF Days in Washington DC and New York City next month. Matt will be presenting “Content extraction from PDF: What can you learn from the guts of a PDF file, how to […]

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New PDF Thumbnail Service Available from Datalogics

Recently, Datalogics has started a prerelease program for it’s new WebAPI. The Datalogics WebAPI is a RESTful API that allows you to manipulate PDF files without the need to install any software on your own server or desktop. Datalogics will be offering these and other services on a subscription basis at some point in the […]

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Planes and Automobiles (No Trains)

I’ll be attending the PDF Association’s Technical Conference August 14-15 in Seattle, Washington as well as the PDF/A Day on August 16. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends from Adobe and meeting people in person that I only know online. It should be a great week. If you’ll be there too, track me down […]

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Congratulations to 3DA Systems

It seems that 3D PDF is alive and well and living in Canada. One of my customers, 3DA Systems, just won the Innovative Excellence award at the 2013 VIATeC Technology Awards. The Innovative Excellence award “recognizes a company that has researched and designed an innovative service, process or product that is expected to revolutionize a […]

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New Version of Practical:PDF Portfolio Utilities Available

In my last post, I talked about how I recently updated the Portfolio Utilities that I created when I was still at Adobe. Since then, I’ve completely overhauled one of them. I’ve replaced “Export Portfolio Metadata to Console” with the more powerful “Generate Portfolio Metadata Report.” Generate Portfolio Metadata ReportSelecting “Generate Portfolio Metadata Report” will […]

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